September 16, 2007

Matt Ryan Impresses in Big BC Victory

Tonight I had the privilege to watch Matt Ryan in action. I had heard various announcers start to throw his name around as a top 5 QB, maybe a Heisman candidate. I thought that was ridiculous, but hadn't seen him play. Even though I was rooting for GT, I was very impressed. His passes were strong, on-time, and exactly where they needed to be. He threw two 50 yard passes that hit his receivers in stride over the correct shoulder. The numbers were 30-44 for 435 yds and a TD, no INT's. I would say all but maybe one of those incompletions were either intentional throw-aways with no one open or balls put where only his guy could catch them and just out of reach. None of the passes were even close to being picked. Don't be surprised if he's the overall #1 pick in the draft. Also, lots of credit to the new coach at BC, Jagodzinski. The whole team was sharp and well-coached for a big road test.

In other news, a big OVERRATED for the #11 UCLA Bruins with a 44-6 loss at previously 0-2 Utah. Also disappointing, #7 Wisconsin is supposedly the favorite in the Big 10 this year. Giving up 31 to Citadel at home doesn't impress. To be fair, #15 GT deserves a little overrated call, getting blown out at home. I guess those wins over Notre Dame and Samford shouldn't have impressed everyone so much. How about that Louisville D? Too bad the offense couldn't put up enough points to cover your inadequacies this week. Big win for the UK program.

Credit to Oregon for a strong statement against Fresno St. Miss St. showed that USF's win was not an aberration. The most surprising part is that both MSU and USF tried to give the game back to Auburn, but Auburn just really isn't that good. I would give credit to Ohio St., but Washington had so many chances in that game and blew them (or had them blown dead by the ref). At some point, Boeckman will cost them a game or two. Also, Florida established themselves as the team to beat in the SEC East. The Alabama-LSU Nick Saban reunion game would appear to loom large as the SEC West indicator.

Final comment: Troy will win the Sun Belt conference this year and whatever bowl they end up in. Write it down now. They destroyed a mediocre Oklahoma St. team on Friday.

2 Responses:

Jeremy said...

BC is going to be a top-10, undefeated team in the country on November 10 when they come into Byrd. Book it now.

J-Red said...

Are you still trying to talk me into taking your extra ticket?

Do you think Coach Tom O'Brien cries in his money down in Raleigh? Of all the coaches who might have second thoughts and back out of a deal, one would think O'Brien would have been a candidate. The former BC kicker I worked with in D.C. was shocked when he left.

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