July 11, 2008

Terps Football Picked 3rd in Division

It's not the best era for Terps football when I'm excited to say that Heather Dinich expects us to finish 3rd in the Atlantic Division of the ACC. That puts us in front of FSU and BC, with NC State in the cellar. With gobs of talent, Clemson is expected to win the division, and Wake's scheme and experience puts them 2nd preseason.

Assuming Fridge doesn't do anything stupid like start Steffy, we should be making bowl plans in December. My hopes would be a little higher, but the schedule's tough. I would predict 8-4, with losses vs Cal, at Clemson, at VT, and one of BC and FSU. However, that's probably best-case, and 7-5 might be more likely. Hopefully, Franklin's offense is all everyone expects it to be.

5 Responses:

michael said...

Please...are you really going to take football advice from a girl?

Jeremy said...

Heather Dinich was actually not that bad of a beat writer (except for when she accidentally disclosed an injury that Fridge was trying to keep secret). Friedgen hated her, which meant she did her job. I think it has to do with the size of her forehead... she has so much room in there to store football knowledge. Just kidding Heather (who actually did check out this blog before and may Google her name).

I think we may lose to Wake at home. Wake returns almost everybody. On the other hand, we always play Wake tough. We really should have beaten them last year though. It'll be a revenge game.

big tuna said...

Phil Steele has Heyward-Bey as a first team All-American and number 2 reciever over all. I hope he is right. I hope he sees the end zone about 10 more times this year.

J-Red said...

Heather knows the Terps better than anyone else in print media.

michael said...

Thats pretty sad for Terps sports...or the print media. (or both.)

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