July 11, 2008

Tour de France Doping Scandal #1

And so it begins... We all had a sick feeling in the pits of our stomachs that once again this year's Tour would produce positive drug tests, and today that has been confirmed. This post is labeled scandal #1 because just like cockroaches, when you find one, there are lots more you can't see. And recent history indicates that we will see more than one positive test over the next couple weeks.

As yet another member of USPS/Discovery during Lance's reign has been caught doping, one has to wonder whether this is part of a continuing French conspiracy to discredit Lance's legacy. Or maybe Lance was doping along with his entire team, and they were just good enough not to get caught. Or maybe his team was doping, but he's actually innocent as he has so vehemently and vigorously claimed. Too bad the same defense didn't work out as well for Floyd.

While this may be unfortunate for team Liquigas, Manuel Beltran's positive test is unlikely to significantly affect the outcome of this year's Tour. It's just another black mark on cycling's filthy doping record.

2 Responses:

Dave D. said...

Well as you said, this isn't likely to affect the current standings so it could be much worse. If it was one of the yellow jersey holders or one of the stage winners that tested positive, then this Tour de France could be even dirtier.

Still, it doesn't help the sport and it is very disappointing to see this continue in this sport or any other sport.

As far as us fans can do, we should try to focus on the positives as much as possible and not let these ridiculous doping scandals ruin the sport, especially for those who compete cleanly.

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Anonymous said...

in fact the conspiracy was to PROTECT lance because of his image in the US, a previously untapped market for the sponsors of the Tour.
all the other top contenders where caught cheating by the FRENCH police or the FRENCH media, even when they were french.
checks your facts, and don't buy a word from Lance.

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