February 4, 2008

15 Random Thoughts from the Super Bowl

Alright, so a truly fantastic game last night for football fans. Not so much if you like high-scoring affairs. But definitely one of the all-time great quarters of football. My random thoughts from last night's game:

1) Jordin Sparks looked INSANELY nervous singing the National Anthem. Didn't do such a good job training her on Idol for when the camera is actually on her. Over/under on number of times she puked before singing is 1.5. She did a fantastic job, reminded me of why I love her voice on Idol, but reminded me why she will always have trouble being a pop icon.

2) It takes a good villain or two for me, as a huge 'Skins fan, to be sitting on the couch next to my buddy, a huge Cowboys fan, and for both of us to be screaming for the Giants to win. Belichick and Brady were the perfect antidotes. Just enough for me to feel like screaming as the final second ticked off the clock, "THE TERRORISTS LOST!!!!"

3) Seriously... Tom Brady... ditch the Derek Zoolander thing. Ever since you've started banging supermodels you have a perpetual "I'm a million times hotter and more talented than you" pout on your face. Brady... meet Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyora.

Coming Soon: The Tom Brady Center For Children Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too

4) Belichick, Belichick, Belichick... really how much can I say? We saw the ultimate example of hubris (Greek tragedy reference) in his choosing "field position" over a 49-yarder indoors. Really Bill? You gave up three points for seven yards? The fourth-and-13 playcall was ridiculous. Oh, and truly classy move watching the last play of the game from the tunnel. You're a prick. You always will be a prick. And just how long do you think your schtick of constantly berating players as "dumb motherfuckers" during film sessions will hold after your coaching genius cost Seau and Moss rings?

5) I liked the salesgenie.com commercials. Probably because I like my humor lowball, racialist, and slapstick. They worked. The other one that I liked was the Bridgestone commercial with the shrieking animals. And the Will Ferrell Budweiser commercial. But man, the days of Super Bowl Commercials being truly magnficent are gone.

6) Super Bowl commercial comment II: Eric Ogbogu on the Under Armour commercials is badass. But the new catchphrase doesn't have quite the same ring as "We must protect this house!!" Additionally, Under Armour including Kimmie Meissner and Vernon Davis in the same commercial... I get that you're trying to appeal to all sports, but that just doesn't work.

7) How exactly do tickets to the Super Bowl halftime show work? They must be separate tickets from the game tickets. People line up outside the stadium then they let them in right as halftime starts then they kick them out immediately after the show? I'd like that job to get 2,000 Tom Petty fans off a field in 100 seconds. That'd be fun.

8) Tom Petty Halftime Show >>>>>>> Britney, Aerosmith, Mary J. Blige, Nelly

9) David Tyree's catch set the new Gold standard. That play eclipsed "The Catch" and Swann's Super Bowl reception both in terms of pure importance ("Catch" was in NFC Championship Game, Swann's beautiful catch not on a game-winning drive) and in terms of athleticism and will.

10) I don't remember watching a Super Bowl in recent memory where the stadium sounded so loud and uncorporate. I'm not sure if that's because the "corporate" people who were there also happen to be from New York and Boston and therefore had dogs in this fight. But that stadium positively blew the roof off when the teams were trading scores in the fourth quarter.

11) Eli Manning is a warrior. I have so much mad respect for him this morning and it's sad to say, but the reason why the 'Skins couldn't do more in the playoffs is because, dare I say this, they don't have a QB as good as Eli Manning.

12) Does anybody else think maybe the Giants should give Tiki a ring just for being gone this season?

13) Does anybody know what nights House and the Sarah Connor Chronicles are on Fox? I just don't know and can't remember for the life of me.

14) I beat Brien in our pick-off, I won a lunch bet, and I had the seven-four square and won my grid game at the Super Bowl party. It was a good night. And Belichick and Brady lost. Even better.

15) I can't believe I'm at the point where I'm happier to see Boston sports fans miserable than I would've been to see New York sports fans miserable.

7 Responses:

Dewey Hammond said...


Brien said...

I think you're confusing the Immaculate Reception with Lynn Swann's incredible catch in the Super Bowl.

Jeremy said...

You're right Brien... I will amend my post because that's the catch that I was referring to that I've seen any number of times on NFL Films replays of the Super Bowl.

"ben" said...

God damn.

There's absolutely no redemption for this, other than pulling off 19-0 next year, or at least soon.

Even a Super Bowl win next year with an imperfect record does not erase the empty and dissatisfied feeling left with Tom Brady fanatics.

I was a little fearful that Brady was on 'roids this year. After watching his 80-yard incompletion to Moss at the end of the game, I'm even more convinced.

The Brady karma is gone with this loss, and it will all start unraveling for him. Gisele will dump him, his 'roid use will come out and he will be left with nothing.

Oh well, it was a good run.

I now commence my obsession with Braylon Edwards.

Nic said...

I loved the game. I'm still living on a high.

I think the Giants realized that 90% of the country was rooting for them to crush the Patriots.

And Belichick's red sweatshirt/Tiger Woods wanna be failed. I think he missed the memo that only Tiger can wear red and win. Oh and that Karma is a mean SOB.

J-Red said...

As for 15 and Boston being more hate-worthy than New York, welcome to the club Jeremy.

JC said...

Logan Mankins taught him that move during a Walk-Off in Week 4.

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