February 4, 2008

Spagnuolo to the Skins?

After the Fassel debacle, Redskins fans have been faced with a weak field of coaching candidates, looking for someone worthy of taking over for St. Gibbs. Watching the Giants defense demolish the Patriots and consistently get pressure on Tom Brady, I'm sure many Skins fans were juiced up over the idea of landing Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.

In his last 3 games, Spagnuolo has coached the Giants to wins at Dallas, at Green Bay, and over the Patriots. Those three teams represent the best two offenses in the NFC and the best offense in the NFL. If Dan Snyder is looking for a hot young assistant coach to sign, there's no one hotter than Spagnuolo right now. The big question is whether or not Spags is willing to take the ego hit of accepting a head coaching job where his whole staff has already been hired. Would he take the Redskins job with those strings attached? He has to be upset that the Falcons job isn't open any more, where he would have had free reign When looking at those two jobs, you also have to consider who his boss would be. In Washington, he gets Tom Cruise's best friend Dan Snyder. In Atlanta, he would have worked for Arthur Blank, one of the most-loved and most-respected owners in the league. Maybe the Skins shouldn't get too excited about Spagnuolo just yet.

Let's go over the pros and cons of Spagnuolo for the Redskins:


  • Good assistant coach
  • Recently out-coached two of the best young offensive coordinators in the league (Garrett and McDaniels)
  • Respected by his players
  • Taking the Redskins job with the assistant coaches in place shows a disturbing spinelessness. The last thing the Redskins need is Vinny Cerrato Jr. coaching the team.
  • He looks disturbingly like Jeff Hostetler

1 Responses:

Anonymous said...

He could always shave the beard and just go with the porn 'stache

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