February 6, 2008

Big Night in the ACC...

It might seem that every night of ACC basketball is critical, but tonight's games are even more important than normal.

Duke at UNC - This fierce rivalry will once again determine the top dog in the ACC after the first half of the year, and will provide bragging rights until the end of the conference schedule. Always a great game even if one of the teams is having an off year, this game should be extra-special this year.
Pick: Duke +4 (because of Lawson's absence)

It's not over til the clock shows 0:00.

FSU at Miami - After strong records before conference play, neither of the ACC Florida schools have been able to do anything in conference. Both have been competitive, producing OT thrillers, but neither have the wins to show for it. Miami is 2-5 in conference, FSU 2-6. Both desperately need a win, but it's even more critical for FSU (outside the top 80 in RPI).
Pick: FSU +5.5

Maryland at BC - A couple weeks ago, this would have been unimaginable, but this game is much more important for BC. After two blowout losses at UNC and at Clemson, a loss tonight would send BC to a weekend game at Duke with a 5 game losing streak (all in conference), and a likely 3-6 record in the ACC by the end of the week. On the contrary, Maryland has gone 4-2 in conference since their early loss to BC and is a much improved team. Another win on the road would cement the Terps' status at the top of the rest of the pack and firmly on the bubble (already last four out).
Pick: Maryland EVEN

GT at Wake - In the battle of teams no one expected to do well, this will be a turning point for either team. A victory by Wake sends them to 4-4 in conference and renews their confidence heading into the second half, but another loss could start a free-fall into the bottom of the conference standings. Similarly, Tech could get to 4-4 with a win and maintain a shred of hope for the postseason, but a loss would be devastating. Already 10-10 overall and 3-4 in conference, a loss would really kill their confidence going into road games at UConn and Clemson.
Pick: Georgia Tech +2.5

5 Responses:

J-Red said...

That was the best clip you could find? What about Henderson trying to Cobra Kai Hansbrough's nose into his brain?

Russell said...

That was the clip I wanted to find.

Russell said...

How often can you pick 4 road teams in the ACC and go 4-0? And they all won!

Huge win for the TERPS!!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, how good is Duke?

6 players averaging, averaging double figures in the NCAA? You can't find that in the NBA where the halves are longer and the scores are way higher.

Granted, the ACC is very, very weak this year, and continues it's downslide amongst the nation's conferences (now worse than the Big East, SEC, PAC-10, and Big Ten), but Duke is just so consistent with greatness it's nauseating for Terps fans I would imagine.


Russell said...

Seriously, do you actually watch college basketball? Heard of the ACC - Big Ten Challenge? The ACC is much better than the Big Ten, and it's better than the SEC also (5 teams outside the RPI top 100). Even the Big East has a crappy bottom quarter of its conference.

As a Duke fan, the quality of the ACC helps you, so stop knocking your own conference. You're an idiot if you think the ACC #1 conference RPI won't help you get that #1 seed in the East this year.

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