January 7, 2008

2008 NFL Draft Order - After Wild Card Round


Now that the Wild Card Round is complete, here is the known Draft Order. All possible playoff team pick slots added.

1) Miami
2) St. Louis
3 or 4) Oakland
3, 4 or 5) Atlanta
4 or 5) Kansas City
6) New York Jets
7) New England (via SF)
8) Baltimore
9) Cincinnati
10) New Orleans
11) Buffalo
12) Denver
13) Carolina
14) Chicago
15) Detroit
16) Arizona
17) Minnesota
18) Houston
19) Philadelphia
20) Tampa Bay
21) Washington
22) Dallas (via CLE)
23) Pittsburgh
24) Tennessee
25-27, 31 or 32) Seattle and New York Giants
26 or 27, 31 or 32) Jacksonville and San Diego
28-32) San Francisco (via IND), Green Bay, Dallas
30-32) New England (forfeited)
31) Super Bowl Loser
32) Super Bowl Winner

Atlanta, Oakland and Kansas City all have the same strength of schedule. Oakland was 0-8 against opponents in common with KC, so Oakland must pick higher than KC. Since Atlanta and Oakland are in different conferences, that tie will be broken with a coin flip. If Atlanta wins the flip, Atlanta picks 3rd, Oakland picks 4th and KC picks 5th. If Oakland wins the coin flip, Atlanta and KC (as teams in different conferences) flip a coin to determine who picks 4th and 5th.

Other ties, (Denver beat Buffalo head to head, Chicago was swept by Detroit) were broken using conference/division tiebreakers.)

Washington's strength of schedule is guaranteed to be better than Tampa Bay's. Tennessee's is guaranteed to be better than Pittsburgh's.

The draft tiebreakers are as follows:

1) Worst record picks first, and teams are ranked by record, worst to best. A non-playoff team takes priority over playoff teams with the same record.

2) Ties are broken first with strength of schedule (total number of wins by 16 opponents, or average winning percentage of all 16 opponents, the result is the same)

3) If teams are same division, divisional playoff tiebreakers

4) If teams are same conference, but not same division, conference playoff tiebreakers

5) Coin Flip

3 Responses:

big tuna said...

As a Lions fan, the draft is our Super Bowl. Thanks for the updates. Do you think the Lions can get Desean Jackson or Malcom Kelley at 15?

Russell said...

I think so, maybe even either one. I think DeSean is a better fit for the Lions because Calvin and Williams are both big guys, and DeSean would be a good slot/speed guy. My concern would be that taking him at 15 will be even worse than the Dolphins taking Ted Ginn at #9 last year. It's not that he's bad, just that's too high. There are other good WR's out there.

Anonymous said...

Who do think the Pats will end up with?

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