January 9, 2008

Michigan's Arrington Headed to NFL Draft

Even though he is not currently projected as the best WR in the draft or even a first round pick, Arrington could be a steal in the second or third round for a team like the Redskins in need of a big receiver. At 6'3", Arrington has the height and wingspan to win jump balls like Moss and Burress. In addition, he has great hands, as demonstrated by a great one-handed catch around a defender in the Capital One Bowl. His speed is plenty good at 4.5, and remember that some of the best big WR's were not first round picks (TO). To help his case, he had his best career game against Florida, one of the fastest (but not best) defenses in the nation, in the bowl game with 9 catches for 153 and 2 TDs.

6 Responses:

"ben" said...

AA is the MAN! I would love it if the Skins took him. Last time the Skins took a UM wideout (Desmond) it wasn't so great.

But Arrington is more like Braylon than Howard.

Dewey Hammond said...

Plaxico Burress was a first-round selection. Plaxico was drafted #8 overall by the Steelers in 2000. I remember because the Ravens picked #10, and I was hoping that Plax would drop to Baltimore. When he didn't, the Ravens chose Florida WR Travis Taylor.

Fortunately they also picked up Jamal Lewis with an earlier pick and went on to win Super Bowl XXXV. Good times. So long ago.

Russell said...

You're right.

Too bad that Travis Taylor thing didn't work out so well for the Ravens.

J-Red said...

Plaxico was MSU though.

mike hart said...

I have a little brother named Plaxico.

"ben" said...

Hehehe. That wasn't me, but that's funny.

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