January 9, 2008

Rejoice, Terps Fans! Things could be worse...

See if you can tell which team is which:

Arena Size
Team A: 23,500
Team B: 17,950

Coach's Annual Salary:
Team A: ~$2.3 Million
Team B: ~$2.3 Million

NCAA Tournament Appearances:
Team A: 49 (most ever)
Team B: 12 app. in the last 14 yrs

Current Consecutive NCAA Tournament Appearances:
Team A: 16
Team B: 1

National Championships:
Team A: 7
Team B: 1

Last National Championship:
Team A: 1998
Team B: 2002

And now this season's stats:

Team A: 6-7 (0-0)
Team B: 10-6 (0-1)

Upcoming Schedule:
Team A: 2 top-15 teams at home, 2 road games against tough teams
Team B: 2 bottom-feeders in the conference, then 2 top 10 teams

Best Win:
Team A: Central Arkansas Bears
Team B: Illinois Fighting Illini

Terrible Loss(es):
Team A: Gardner-Webb Runnin' Bulldogs (7-9, won by 16 at Team A), San Diego Toreros (7-9, won by 9 at Team A)
Team B: Ohio Bobcats (9-5, won by 6 at Team B), American Eagles (8-7, won by 8 at Team B)

Conference Record required to make the tourney (approx):
Team A: 12-4
Team B: 10-6 (already 0-1)

If you haven't figured it out yet, Team A is mighty Kentucky led by new head coach Billy Gillespie. I don't know that I feel any better, but this should put this season in perspective a little for the Terps. (Sorry, Ashley, UK is actually worse than Maryland this year.) Maryland needs to get back to building a tradition, rather than mourning a bad year. We've been in the NIT recently, too much.

4 Responses:

big tuna said...

I think you need to update your "Best Win". Holy Cross is a much better win than Illinois.

Russell said...

Illinois is better, even though their record doesn't show it. They have victories over Arizona St., Oklahoma St., and Missouri. I give the edge to a major conference team with victories over other major conference teams, even though they lost to Tenn St. and Miami (OH).

"ben" said...

Hey J-Red, remember when you had a post that made an eerily similar comparison between Notre Dame football and Maryland football?

Any other crumbling NCAA royalty you want to compare Maryland to?

J-Red said...

That wasn't me actually, but I do recall it fondly.

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