January 8, 2008

Another Athlete Collapse Adds to Rising Toll

ESPN reports that WSU reserve Stephen Sauls collapsed during practice and had to be resuscitated prior to going to the hospital. This is just the latest in what seems like a long string of collapses, both explained and unexplained, by high school, college, and pro athletes. It's time to start thinking about what might be causing this beyond just heat stroke and genetic heart defects.

Recent heart/heat-related deaths of pro athletes that I know of:
Ryan Shay - Mile 5 of the US Olympic Trials for the Marathon (NYC, Nov 2007)
Steve Bechler - Orioles pitcher in training camp (spring 2003)
Darryl Kile - Cardinals pitcher (2002)
Korey Stringer - Vikings lineman (2001)

One article indicates that this isn't as uncommon as we might like to believe with 1 in every 7,500 (or so) joggers dying of nontraumatic causes in one study, half of whom had known heart conditions. Maybe exercising really isn't that good for us.

1 Responses:

J-Red said...

Bechler and Stringer were both ephedra-related. I think it is a lot more common than people realize. I have read quite a few stories about high schoolers needing the paddles on the court.

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