January 10, 2008

Kelly Tilghman's Racist History

I knew it! She's a racist!

[For those people not yet in on the joke, Kelly Tilghman is the Golf Channel anchor who suggested that Tiger Woods should be lynched in a back alley by the young golfers on the PGA Tour. After first stating she would not be suspended, the Golf Channel suspended Tilghman for two weeks after pressure mounted.]

3 Responses:

Jeremy said...

That was one of the funnier South Park sketches of all time. Nice pull.

"ben" said...

I feel the game "hang man" would have been more appropriate here as opposed to Wheel of Fortune.

"ben" said...

And just so there's no confusion, by "appropriate" I meant for maximum shock value, not to suggest that hanging people is cool. And if you are going to hang someone, for goodness sake, don't have it be because of the color of their skin.

I am not a racist.

I have many black friends.

Andruw Jones stayed in my basement once (by choice).

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