January 11, 2008

Duck...Duck...JUICE? Goose Says He'd Have Juiced

Ok, MLB and NFL today pledged $3M each for innovations in performance-enhancing drug testing.

Why will they fail? Goose Gossage today, newly inducted into the Hall of Fame, said he'd have juiced if the drugs had been around at the time.

Are we still really talking about 5-10% of players using? This dude was a relief pitcher.

3 Responses:

"ben" said...

Let's get a post up here about Reggie Bush and his supplemental income while at USC.

Apparently it's front page stuff on Yahoo...and burried by ESPN.

J-Red said...

I've been following it, but there's nothing new.

Trust me, I hate USC. I just want to wait until I can really hang them.

J-Red said...

(And the word "lynch" never crossed my mind.)

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