January 9, 2008

Testimony Delayed -- Clemens to Give Sworn Deposition

In the latest twist in Congress' pursuit of the truth, the testimony of Clemens, McNamee, and company has been delayed until Feb. 13 to allow for each witness to be deposed by attorneys employed by Congress. This sworn advance testimony will not be limited to the Mitchell Report and could stray into anything Congress wants to talk about. Meanwhile, Congress will be investigating the findings of the Mitchell Report and other performance-enhancing drug investigations to dig up anything else they can find.

What does it all mean? The war of words between McNamee and Clemens will end soon. To maintain their current stances, whichever one is lying will have to perjure himself in front of Congress and the nation, and Congress will likely have the evidence to prove it one way or the other. Further the long arm of the Players' Union will not be protecting Clemens and the other players in this situation, leaving them less capable of stonewalling Congress in the way the Mitchell Report was stonewalled. Congress will have no scruples about asking Petitte or Knoblauch to tell everything he knows about Clemens, under oath. This could get juicy!

Further, pleading the 5th or hedging around Congress' questions might work initially, but any evidence gathered by Congress will be admissible in civil court, providing ammunition for Clemens' defamation suit or McNamee's counter suit.

Hopefully we'll finally start finding out what really happened.

4 Responses:

"ben" said...

I will still leave open for the possibility that Clemens is telling the truth. But assuming he's a lying scumbag, he has totally lost his mind. I can only assume he believes he'll get away with perjuring himself and that there isn't enough evidence to convict him. He probably doesn't care if he wins the defamation suit, he just wants to say he did it.

nosman said...

I fully believe Clemens is a lying scumbag. Imagine if one of your closest friends for 10 years blatantly lied about you - which had ramifications on your life, your family and your place in [MLB] history. Imagine if you then had a chance to talk to him about it - would you say (repeatedly) "..I just want the truth out there..."


Would you go off on your friend and ask him point blank why the F*CK would you say these lies?

Why was Clemens so calm and mild-mannered when speaking to McNamee?

Then during his Press Conference was livid and full of emotion.

it just doesn't add up.
(Much like Clemens' resurgence after turning 35...)

"ben" said...

"I'm not here to talk about the past," equals "I just need someone to tell the truth."

nosman said...

Well said.

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