January 9, 2008

Forbes Ranks College Basketball Programs

Forbes Magazine has ranked the top 20 college basketball teams. The criteria was value, which seems primarily based on annual profit, and the results were somewhat surprising.

1. North Carolina
2. Kentucky
3. Louisville
4. Arizona
5. Duke
6t. Indiana
6t. Illinois
8. Kansas
9. Wisconsin
10. Ohio State
11. Texas
12. Missouri
13. NC State
14. UCLA
15. Oklahoma St.
16. Michigan St.
17. Maryland
18. Syracuse
19. Arkansas
20. Xavier

Note that only Duke (5), Syracuse (18) and Xavier (20) are private universities.

This teaches us. If someone asks if you are a god you say, "YES!". If someone asks you to coach the Tarheels you say "YES!".

8 Responses:

"ben" said...

What a bogus list. They left off Michigan.

big tuna said...

Big Ten is strongly represented. I am suprised Michigan State is as low as it is actually.

"ben" said...

MSU won or shared a Big Ten Title from 1998-2001. They have zero since.

They won the Big Ten Tournament in 1999 and 2000. Zero since.

"ben" said...

I just realized this list was about profits from Forbes. So much for reading comprehension.

I don't know what is up with MSU. They sell out Breslin all the time. Maybe they don't sell a lot of jerseys outside the Lansing area.

big tuna said...

that's true about the titles, but they are a great tournament team. I am just suprised that Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and OSU are better "values".

Anonymous said...

Wuffpack in the house!

Anonymous said...

I love how college basketball has come down to this...not many people that I know consult forbes magazine when they pick their favorite team. I may be from Michigan, but I love the wildcats of Kentucky. I may not sport their gear everyday of the week, but they are always in the standing come march madness. Did this article say how much each college grosses each year from their ticket sales, etc?

Jon said...

this list looks about right, especially the top 10. I don't find it very surprising that basketball states like KY and NC are well represented

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