January 10, 2008

Steve Blake Outplays Baron Davis

Last night, Steve Blake had the best night of his NBA career. He went 8-10 from the floor, including 5-6 from 3 point land, and was perfect from the line. He had 4 assists, 2 steals, and no turnovers. He led the Blazers in scoring with 24 pts (a career high) in only 23 minutes, fueling an easy win over the Warriors and propelling them into first place (1/2 game lead on Denver in the Northwest). This was Blake's perfect game, and it came on a good night for the Blazers. Jarrett Jack was 1-5 for 2 pts and had 6 TO's in 24 minutes. Brandon Roy was hurt in the second quarter and returned later, but only scored 8 on poor shooting.

The Blazers displayed great team basketball, something the NBA isn't known for, with 32 assists on 40 made baskets!

Meanwhile, Baron struggled to 1-6 for 4 pts, 1 reb, 1 ast, 2 TO's, and 3 fouls in only 14 minutes.

Great to see a past Terp excelling!

4 Responses:

Brien said...

That's awesome. Steve Blake is my favorite Terp ever, and I always thought he could make it in the league.

"ben" said...

I'm kvelling for a Terp excelling.

Russell said...

In my opinion, Blake is a really good fit for that team. He's experienced, a little older than most on that team, knows how to win, and can distribute the ball to their young playmakers in places where they can score.

J-Red said...

I'll say again, there is no such thing as a past Terp (unless they transfer out early).

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