January 10, 2008

GW Doubles Up Rick Majerus, St. Louis -- Despite Scoring 49

Normally when you score 2.45 times as many points as your opponent, you kicked their ass. When you're George Washington University and you're playing Rick Majerus' St. Louis U. Billikens, that means you only scored 49 points.

St. Louis scored a shot-clock era record low 20 points in Washington tonight, including a fantastic seven-point first half. Majerus had these inspiring words: "Anyone can look at us and see we don't have height, we don't have depth." Also, "It's like being a step-parent. I didn't pick them. They didn't pick me." I'm inspired! Let's get some corn dogs.

Oh yeah, St. Louis has WON 9 games this year against 6 losses, despite averaging 57.1 points per game and 57.3 points against. Damn the shot clock!

Next up is 13-1 Dayton, sporting a gaudy 73.1/63.2 PPG/PA differential. Let's put extra springs in the basket.

8 Responses:

Russell said...

Maybe he was better as an announcer, after all. 20 points is really terrible.

J-Red said...

I'm not sure you, me, Brien, Jeremy and Ralph couldn't put up 20. 30 might be a stretch, but we could get 20.

J-Red said...

Assuming no offensive rebounds and we shoot instantly, we get 68 possessions. So realistically we get 45 or so. We only have to luck into 10 shots to match 20 points.

Even we could shoot that.

Brien said...

Vegas watch has the game track, which shows just how bad it was.

big tuna said...

I am not going to make fun of 20 points because my favorite team (Michigan) could easily do the same.

"ben" said...

"It's like being a step-parent. I didn't pick them. They didn't pick me."

Very insulting, but that's not even the worst part.

1) On some level, step-parents (and Rick Majerus) are choosing the kids. They are aware that their life choice will include the children.

2) Is he suggesting that blood parents and children choose each other? A parent makes a choice to have a child, but does not choose the child unless it's adopted. And a child has absolutely no say in the matter. A step-child would at least get to voice an opinion before the damage is done.

Russell said...

Looking at the box score, I'm pretty sure we could do better than 1-19 from 3 point land and 5-10 from the line. I think I was 5-6 from the line in the contest at one of the home games, and Ralph could hit 2 or 3 three's out of 10 or more. We could also get 11 of our shots blocked, just like St. Louis.

Russell said...

I feel especially bad for the 3,213 who attended and ending up wasting two hours of their lives on this abomination. I'm pretty sure the And-1 team could crush either of these teams, and it would be more entertaining. "Oh Baaabby!"

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