January 8, 2008

"Lynch" Tiger? Dookie Makes Big Gaffe on Golf Channel

Remember when the Dook lacrosse scandal first broke, and there was a lot of talk about the divide between whites and blacks in Durham, North Carolina? All that discussion was tainted by the accuser's lies, but the underlying truth was still there: Durham is a racist town.

Now Golf Channel anchor Kelly Tilghman, herself a Dookie, inexplicably recommended that young PGA golfers "lynch Tiger in a back alley."
blahbblahvahblahblah Kelly Tilghman on her way to "interview" Tiger Woods

White golfers recommended for lynching: 0
Black golfers recommended for lynching: 1

Hmm. She can say it's a slip of the tongue, but somehow I don't think the word "lynch" comes to her mind when she's discussing Rory Sabbatini or Phil Mickelson.

6 Responses:

Russell said...

Of all the people to pick, Tiger? Not that lynching is ever acceptable, but it's just ludicrous that she would say that about Tiger. Maybe Vijay since he's made some sexist remarks and isn't very popular.

Besides being a blatant unmitigated racist, what would prompt you to use the word "lynch"? It just doesn't come up in regular conversation.

"ben" said...

Yes, that's a career killer. She can go chill with Steve Lyons now.

big tuna said...

Damn. She was kind of hot. Too bad.

J-Red said...

"Lynchmob mentality" is the only time I've heard it used outside the context of blacks, but I'd be really careful about that.

This is not like the commonly misunderstood words "tarbaby" and "niggardly". They aren't inherently racist words, but you'd still be wise not to apply them to black people, especially if there is only one notable black person in an entire industry long accused of racial discrimination.

"Lynch" always connotes the illegal intimidation tactics used in many parts of the country to keep blacks perpetually afraid for their lives.

Dewey Hammond said...

Do you have video or audio? Or a link? Or did you just happen to be watching her on TV when she said it?

In other news, Jimmy the Greek puts the odds at 2:1 that she and him will now be best friends.

J-Red said...

I added a link to the news story. No video located yet.

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