January 9, 2008

Browns' Phil Savage Smarter than the Average Joe

It's time for a quick look back at the 2007 NFL draft and the team that shocked everyone. Remember when the Browns took the lineman instead of the star QB? ...And then they traded up to get the star QB, giving up potentially a top 5 pick in 2008. How smart does GM Phil Savage look now?

OT Joe Thomas was added to the Pro Bowl roster, capping an incredible rookie season protecting Derek Anderson. The Browns' 10-6 record is their best since 1994, when Vinny was a young man, Bill Belichick was the coach, and they hadn't moved to Baltimore.

Derek Anderson's great year enabled a trade of starter Charlie Frye and allowed Brady Quinn to learn without being thrust into the lions' den. Remember when everyone was counting the weeks until Quinn started for an 0-5 (or so) team in Romeo's last days as coach after a 35-7 blowout at home against the Steelers?

Joe Thomas was clearly worth the #3 pick. The 1st round pick the Browns traded is now the #22 pick this year, not the top ten slot everyone expected and ironically exactly the same spot the Cowboys traded away last year. Whether Brady Quinn turns into a star or not, no one can argue that getting the hometown college-star QB, who was potentially going to go #1 or #3, at #22 was a bad choice. Their 2nd round choice Eric Wright started 13 games at CB this year. He's not going to the Pro Bowl, but that's good production from your rookie 2nd round pick.

For the first time in a decade, the Browns are a respectable franchise (original comments about them as the laughingtock of the NFL retracted in favor of a better choice, the Lions).

5 Responses:

big tuna said...

I have issue with a couple things here.

1.) As a Lions fan, just the fact that you posted it is a nauseating reminder that we took another over-hyped WR (and from the ACC!) instead of addressing our needs with the obvious choice of Joe Thomas.

2.) Your assertion that the Browns were the laughingstock of the NFL. Lions fans just celebrated their 50th anniversary of their last NFL title. Since 1957, they have won 1 playoff game. Even Norv Turner beat them in the playoffs. As long as Matt Millen is around, the Lions are the laughingstock. It is not even close.

"ben" said...

Agreed. Lions, hands down.

Russell said...

So modified, I can't argue with the Lions as the laughingstock. Matt Millen, Marty Mornhingweg as coach, Mornhinweg not taking the ball in OT, picking a WR every year in the top 5, the list is just too long.

KGoon1590 said...

savage used to be head of college scouting for another great franchise and GM - the baltimore ravens and (hall of famer brown) ozzie newsome.

J-Red said...

Thanks for reminding me just how much brain power the Ravens have lost over the post few years, including Savage, Del Rio, Singletary, Marvin Lewis, Mike Nolan, Donnie Henderson, etc. etc.

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