January 11, 2008

Friday Post

Nothing happened today.

Marion Jones will serve six months for check fraud. O.J. Simpson has been remanded to jail for attempting to influence one of his co-defendants. Terrell Owens claims he will play Sunday. The Hawks and Heat will replay the last 51 seconds of a game the Hawks thought they had won because the official scorer counted to six too fast with regard to Shaq. Everyone and their mother has picked three or all four home teams to win this weekend. Washington State is whining about being underrated, despite being ranked fourth. There are some good college basketball games this weekend.

Yawn. What a boring day in sports.

I'm working on a mathematical "score" to reflect the degree to which NFL teams under- or over-achieved this year, but it has some bugs and won't be ready until this weekend.

[Brien adds: If you're looking for something interesting to read before the games get started tomorrow, you won't find anything better than Wright Thompson's e-ticket article on the last days of Tony Harris.]

2 Responses:

big tuna said...

Michigan hired a defensive coordinator. That's something. I am suprised it didn't make your blog.

"ben" said...

Big Tuna: Did you go to Michigan? When did you graduate?

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